2011 Cra Projects

The Christian Research Association undertakes a great variety of projects for Christian churches and other organisations. Amongst its projects in 2011 were:

Bible Engagement among Young People – based on interviews with young people and youth leaders in more than 60 youth groups around Australia. This was commissioned by the Bible Society of Australia, Scripture Union, the Lutheran Church, the Salvation Army and Youthworks.

Spirituality of Teachers. The spirituality of teachers in Catholic Schools in South Australia was surveyed in conjunction with the Catholic Education Office of South Australia.

Putting Life Together 2011. Surveys of the spirituality of students in Catholic schools were conducted of 4000 students in 29 schools in three dioceses in Australia. Reports were provided both to the dioceses and the schools.

Engaging Theology – a study of how students are processing lectures in theology at the Australian Catholic University. This study was commissioned by the Department of Theology and Philosophy, Australian Catholic University.

Mission Audit – a audit of how Uniting Churches in Victoria and Tasmania are engaging in mission has been designed. This audit will conducted in 2012 and 2013.

Experiences in Rome.  Interviews were conducted among 28 senior students, half of whom travelled to Rome for the canonisation of Mary McKillop. The exploration of the implications of this experience for the faith of these students was analysed, and compared with development of faith among students who did not have the experience. This study was commissioned by the Catholic Schools Office of the Broken Bay Diocese.

Customer Satisfaction Survey for Catholic Church Insurances was conducted in 2011. A particular focus of the study was the general evaluation of the levels of satisfaction among clients and the factors which made a difference to levels of satisfaction.

The Christian Research Association does a wide range of research projects. It brings to these projects a broad understanding of the nature of church life and the Christian faith, as well as extensive experience in conducting surveys and interviews.

For further information about research projects, contact Philip Hughes – p.hughes@cra.org.au or (03) 8819 0123.

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