About The Cra

Our Purpose

The Christian Research Association was formed in 1985 to serve the churches of Australia. Its task is to provide up-to-date and reliable information about religious faith and church life in Australia.

Our Supporters

The Christian Research Association is directly supported by the following organisations which have members on its board:

  • Eastern College Australia
  • The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne
  • Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference
  • Lutheran Church Australia
  • Salvation Army (Southern Territory)
  • Seventh-day Adventists

About 400 organisations, churches, schools and individuals are Associate Members of the Christian Research Association. Organisations contribute $150.00 per annum and individuals $120 per annum towards the research and receive copies of all reports and papers produced by the Christian Research Association.

What We Do

The Christian Research Association has several aspects to its work:

  1. Major research projects – often using national surveys, as determined by the Board; (the results of these are usually published, see for example, Believe It or Not, Religion in Australia: Facts and Figures, and Australian life and the Christian Faith: Facts and Figures). From 2003 to 2006, the major project of the CRA is a study of how young people put their lives together and the role that religion and/or spirituality has in that process. A second round of studies of the spirituality of young people was initiated in 2011.
  2. Overview of research on religion and church-life in Australia, primarily through Pointers, a quarterly bulletin of reports of research.
  3. Contract research for individual churches, denominational bodies, and other church-related organisations.
  4. Reports for local areas using the latest Census data plus data from other sources. We produce reports which include data and interpretation for churches, schools, welfare and other organisations for any area in Australia.
Postal Address PO Box 206,
Nunawading LPO, VIC 3131
Phone 0432071876
Email admin@cra.org.au