Australia And Canada Compared

Both Canada and Australia are major destinations for people wanting to migrate. The top three countries from which migrants are entering Canada are China, India and the Philippines. These are also major sources of immigrants to Australia – although Australia adds the United Kingdom and New Zealand to that list. As in Australia, the migrants to Canada are having a large impact on the Christian churches there.

As in Australia, Canadian churches are also finding it difficult to connect with younger people. The Canadian research, Reginald Bibby, notes that therehave been significant changes in attitudes to religion over recent years. He argues that the response to this must be ‘better ministry’: addressing spiritual, personal and relational interests and needs.  He believes that ‘better ministry’ may well be able to touch the many people who are in ‘the ambivalent middle’: who identify with a Christian denomination but who are not active.

For more details on the comparisons and Bibby’s summary of the implications, see Pointers Vol.23, no.1 (March 2013). Click here to purchase the version for downloading:

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