Bible Engagement Among Australian Young People

Conservatively interpreted, the surveys show that around 4 per cent of young people read the
Bible daily, another 6 per cent read it weekly, and 15 to 20 per cent read it very occasionally.
About 70 per cent never read it. The frequency of Bible reading is a little greater among older
young people, although this is probably a result of changing history patterns over generations and
not related to age.
Of those who read the Bible daily or weekly, most attend church services and youth activities, such
as a Bible study group. Most also have parents and friends who attend church frequently. Those
who read it frequently are mostly involved in Protestant Evangelical or Charismatic
denominations, such as the Pentecostals, Baptists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and Seventh-day
For a full account of Bible engagement among young people, click here to read the full report which was commissioned by the Bible Society (South Australia).

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