Christian Faith And The Economy In A Globalised World

With increasing debt levels, ageing populations, climate change, and deepening divisions between rich and poor, the world is staggering economically. Some international and Australian Christian bodies have called for profound economic changes for the flourishing of human life in a more equitable and sustainable world. These bodies include the World Council of Churches, the Roman Catholic Church, the Lutheran World Fellowship and the Uniting Church in Australia.

Survey data shows that Australian Christians have a compassion for the poor in relation to economic policies. Most church attenders believe that cutting welfare benefits would damage many people’s lives and 45 per cent affirm that families deserve payments from the government to help with the costs of raising children. On the other hand, on most economic matters their attitudes are little different to the population as a whole.

Many Christians find it difficult to know how to apply the principles of the Christian faith to economic matters. Indeed, among the Christian churches, one finds a variety of theologies of economics from the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ to the vision of a new world economic order as an expression of God’s salvation.

For an overview of statements of international and Australian church bodies on the need for economic change, and the views of Australian church attenders on economic matters, and some of the theologies of economics, see the Christian Research Association Research Paper no. 10 which can be downloaded from this website through the shop.

Philip Hughes

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