Launch Of ‘putting Life Together’

Barney Zwartz, the religion editor of The Age, launched the book Putting Life Together on 21st March 2007. He suggested that the book provides the factual basis for many things that we know intuitively, but does much more than that. For example, Barney Zwartz said he had no intuition that one in five young people are in a state close to despair.

He noted that what gets young people out of bed in the morning is the prospect of enjoying life. They like to experiment. They tend to have a relativistic view of morality. There is no fixed view of spirituality, but it has been largely privatised. Yet the churches continue to play a significant role through services of worship and schools.

Nevertheless, there are significant challenges for the church. It must build on the traditions of faith, but express itself in the language of the day and in relation to its context. The Christian message has offered grace and hope for 2000 years. It still has the power to change lives.
For the full text, download the accompanying document.

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