Do Australians accept the miracles stories of the Bible?

According to the Australian Survey of Social Attitudes (2009), 17% of Australian adults definitely believe in miracles, 17% probably do, and 13% cannot choose. The remaining 53% of the population say they probably or definitely do not accept miracles.

Belief in miracles is not related to levels of education. However, it is associated with the ways people think about the world. If the world is seen as being like a machine, then one is less likely to believe in miracles. If, on the other hand, world events are understood more in terms of personal agency, then miracles make more sense.

Almost everyone who believes in miracles believes in a personal God. However, almost half of those who have no doubts about God existence do not believe in miracles. People who have a high level of trust in science are less likely to believe in miracles, although not everyone sees science and miracles as being in conflict.

If God is seen in love, goodness and beauty, then many events science sees as being within the regular functioning of the natural environment may also be seen as signs of something which transcends ordinary human experience, as signs of God’s activity.

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