Pointers March 2020

Inside this issue:

Australia’s Changing Religious and Social Profile

Results from the 2018 Survey of Australian Social Attitudes have just been released by the Australian Social Data Archives giving us the latest comprehensive picture of religion and spirituality in Australia. The survey was conducted by the Australian National University.

Journal of Contemporary Ministry

As part of its role in conducting and distributing research into church life and ministry, the Christian Research Association is taking ownership of The Journal of Contemporary Ministry.

A Study of Family Violence Safety Notices and Intervention Orders

Four years ago, the Royal Commission into Family Violence handed down its final report after 13 months of proceedings. Since that time, shocking stories of family violence continue to proliferate in the media. While many denominational and church organisations are at the fore-front of tackling what many have described as an ‘epidemic’ in Australian society, there are also many individuals who play a significant role in addressing family violence at a personal level.

The Christian Research Association Human Research Ethics Committee

All research in Australia which involves contact with people or with people’s data (such as their health records) requires approval from a properly constituted ethics committee.

Professor David Martin

In 1992, David Martin spent some time in Australia as the St Paul’s College Visiting Scholar (Hughes 1992). During that time, he and his wife, Berenice, stayed in our home. I remember David being a quiet person and a very competent and cautious scholar.


We welcome Pastor Scott Pilgrim to the Board of The Christian Research Association.

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