Australia’s Religious Communities: Facts And Figures

Australia's Religious Communities: Facts and Figures

An essential reference on Australia's religious groups with the latest information from the Australian 2011 Census.  Church leaders and everyone interested in the changing profile of Australia's profile will find this invaluable. This book describes the changing profile and participation in each religious group. Find here:

  • changing numbers - growth and decline,
  • the impact of immigration - and what languages immigrants use,
  • profile of age - and like trends in the future
  • who is participating in worship ... and who is not.

Every religious group with over 1,000 people identifying with it is covered in the book. Are we really becoming a secular nation? How large, really, is the Moslem population in Australia and how fast is it growing? What is the fastest growing religious group in Australia? You will be surprised by many of the answers!

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