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    Building Stronger Communities

    Building Stronger Communities, by Philip Hughes, Alan Black, Peter Kaldor, John Bellamy and Keith Castle.

    ISBN: 978-08684-0-814-9.

    This is a practical book that looks at ways Australian communities can be made stronger. Written in an accessible style for a wide audience, it offers useful principles and pointers for students, community workers, community leaders, policy makers and ordinary citizens.

    The book is underpinned by recent Australian research, including two major surveys, as well as the authors’ many years of experience working with different types of communities in a variety of settings, including directly with community groups and social agencies as well as in academia. It is distinguished from comparable volumes by its extensive consideration of communities of interest and not just communities based on locality.

    Price: $35.00

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    Putting Life Together

    Putting Life Together: Findings from Australian Youth Spirituality Research, by Philip Hughes

    ISBN: 978-1-875138-07-4

    How do young people between the ages of 13 and 24 put life together? What do they value in life? What parts does religion and spirituality play? Based on interviews and surveys over four years, this book provides a detailed and well-founded picture of Australian young people.

    The book examines the influences of families, schools and churches on the lives of young people and describes how they can best help young people to enjoy positive and responsible relationships with themselves, close others, the wider society, the natural environment and with God.  It suggests ways of pointing young people to the spiritual dimension of life, respecting their frameworks for seeing the world, but also doing justice to the counter-cultural nature of the Christian faith.

    This volume by Philip Hughes is a must for educators, youth workers and church leaders. Hughes’ meticulous research has probed the way Generation Y views the world and the relationships with self, society and nature. Probing even deeper, this research uncovers a dimension of the spiritual in all these relationships, a dimension that is not tradition but provocative, a dimension that is likely to transform society in the future. – Dr Norman Habel, Professorial Fellow, Flinders University.

    This book is essential reading for all professionals involved in the education and care of youth. What makes it so valuable is that it not only reports significant research findings, it interprets the complexity of cultural influences on young people’s spiritual and moral development. Hughes has developed a most informative and helpful perspective on the spirituality of young people. – Graham Rossiter, Professor of Moral and Religious Education, Australian Catholic University.

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    Spirit Matters

    Spirit Matters: How Making Sense of Life Affects Wellbeing, By Peter Kaldor, Philip Hughes and Alan Black

    ISBN: 978-0980-827-507

    Spirit Matters describes the various religious, spiritual and secular ways Australians approach life. It examines the consequences for personal and social wellbeing of these various approaches. The book argues that how we choose to live DOES make a difference to our experiences of life and our contributions to the wider society.

    Prof. Ross Langmead (Whitley College and Secretary to the Australian Association for Mission Studies) writes:

    ‘Peter Kaldor, Philip Hughes and Alan Black have written a beautifully clear and accessible book on how Australians make sense of life, whether through types of Christian faith, other religions, alternative spiritualities or secular approaches. Based on the Wellbeing and Security Survey in 2002, it is full of fascinating data showing that how people nourish their spirit really does matter.  Along the way, the brief summaries of the background debates on topics such as secularisation, spirituality and well-being are gems of brevity and clarity.  An essential book for understanding Australian spirituality.’

    Price: $35.00

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    Shaping Australia’s Spirituality

    A Review of Christian Ministry in the Australian Context, by Philip Hughes with assistance from Stephen Reid and Claire Pickering

    ISBN: 978-0-980827-514

    This book draws on a wide range of recent research to provide a picture of religious faith in the Australian context. In the light of this picture, the book reviews currend forms of Christian ministry – amongst children, families, youth, in the workplace and community, as well as in the churches.

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