Religion In An Age Of Change

Religion in an Age of Change, edited by Peter H. Ballis and Gary D. Bouma.

ISBN: 1-875223-18-5

Religion in an Age of Change contains a variety of papers exploring contemporary expressions of religion and spirituality in a rapidly changing world.
The chapters in this book were originally given as lecturers at the Gippsland Campus of Monash University. They include:
- Sociology and Theology in the Re-imaging of God, Gary Bouma
- The Future of Faith: Where Poetry and Science Meet Rufus Black
- Journeys in Christian Feminist Theology Robyn Schaefer
- Religion and Dissent Steve Russell
- Teenagers and Religious Education Kath Engebretson
- Clergy at the Crossroads P. Harry Ballis
- Leadership issues facing Catholic Education Therese D'Orsa
- Church and the Electronic Culture Peter Horsfield
- New Religious Movements in Australia Rowan Ireland

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