Introduction to ‘Research Methods for Ministry and Mission’ 2nd Edition (CD-Rom or USB)

You may recieve this set of materials on research methods on a CD-Rom or a USB-drive. It will run on any computer running a web browser.

Research Methods for Ministry and Mission has been produced by the Christian Research Association for people studying for ministry degrees at master or doctoral level and for those who wish to do some research of their own.

This material takes people through the process of research – from identifying the area, specifying the research questions, conducting the study and applying the research. It covers both qualitative and quantitative research and deals extensively with the issues of theology and research and applying research in church life.

It contains a wide range of materials to assist in research: including some databases from the National Church Life Survey and the Australian Community Survey, bibliographies, and even software for analysis.

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Australia’s Religious Communities 3rd Edition Cd-rom

Australia’s Religious Communities (3rd Edition)

Just fully revised, including data from 2009 and 2010.

This superb encyclopaedia of Australian religion contains detailed materials on the history, beliefs and practices, and organisation on each of the major religious groups in Australia. It also contains detailed up-to-date statistics, biographies of significant people, references and pop-up glossaries.  Videos show worship in most of these groups.

Less detailed materials are available for every small religious group. In all, this CD-Rom covers about 174 religious groups in Australia.

The CD also contains extensive materials about other aspects of religion. It looks at the history of religion of religion in Australia overall, religious dialogue, immigration, ethics and the impact of religion on values.

The CD has extensive hperlinks to allow students to follow themes as well as an internal fast search-engine.

It is full of colour photos and graphic elements.

It runs in a web-browser and functions on PCs, Mac and Linux computers. Site licences are available from the CRA for schools, libraries and wherever multiple copies are needed.

Price: $30.00

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