A Brief Review Of Church-related Research In Australia 1975-2005

A Brief Review of Church-Related Research in Australia 1975-2005, by Peter Bentley and Phillip Hughes

ISBN : 1-875223-23-1

This paper has two parts. The first is a brief survey of sociological research that has been undertaken in church-related organisations since 1975. This review does not cover historical, economic or psychological research, nor research based on ethical, Biblical or theological grounds. Nor does it attempt to cover the research that has occurred in tertiary institutions, although some references are made to such research. This overview focuses on religious faith and church life. It does not cover the large amount of research that has been done in relation to religious schools and religious education. Nor does it cover the research conducted by welfare agencies and social justice arms of the churches.
The second part traces some development in thethinking about church life and faith in the Australian cultural context, focusing particularly on the journey that has occurred in the Christian Research Association over the last twenty years while acknowledging contributions from other research bodies. In tracing this journey, this review reflects on the evolving understanding of the Australian context, summarising some of the major insights and findings from the research.

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