Spiritual Capital: An Important Asset Of Workplace And Community?

Spiritual Capital: An Important Asset of Workplace and Community? by Philip Hughes

ISBN: 978-1-875223-33-6

This research paper  reviews the literature on the notion of spiritual capital as it is being used in relation to organisations. Spiritual capital is understood as 'what a community or organisation exists for, aspires to and takes responsibility for'. The higher the values and purposes out of which an organisation operates the greater that organisation's spiritual capital.

The 'spirituality in the workplace' literature, on which the literature of 'spiritual capital' builds, has noted that the inner life of people may be nourished by meaningful work that takes place in the context of community. It has also pointed to the importance of inter-relationships within the workplace.

The term 'spiritual capital' has the capacity to present an alternative focus for business and community. It encourages them to focus on the wellbeing of humanity rather than on the accumulation of financial wealth.

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