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CRA Announces a New Director
The Board of the Christian Research is delighted to announce the appointment of Wilma Gallet as the director of the Christian Research Association from 1st July 2016. Wilma Gallet worked in the public service for many years before  being asked by The Salvation Army to establish E-Plus, the Army’s employment services. Since that time, she has  worked extensively with other welfare agencies in the various churches. She has just completed a doctorate at  Melbourne University on church-administered welfare and government. Her management and research skills,  knowledge of the churches, ability to make the findings of research available through written materials and oral presentations, and experience in commissioned research in church-related organisations make her eminently suitable for the position. We look forward to the development and growth of the CRA’s service to the churches under her guidance.Where’s the difference:Christian or secular welfare services?
Church groups in Australia have a long involvement in providing welfare services. Indeed they are among the largest providers of various services including aged care, homelessness services, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, family services, poverty relief and health services. In an increasingly competitive and secular environment, churches are faced with a range of challenges, not the least of which is how to remain faithful to their mission and calling and demonstrate distinctively Christian characteristics in delivering these services. This article raises some of these issues and points the way toward further research in this important area of ministry.

Intergenerational Churches?

To what extent should churches be developing intergenerational activities and programs, and to what extent should they develop activities to cater for the different generations? The importance of having services of worship and educational activities which cater for the different generations is being challenged by recent research in the United States. But how valid is that research for Australia? This article looks at the research and the Australian situation.


Is Sport an Australian Religion?

There has been a connection between sport and religion since ancient times. Games played by Greeks around 900 BC were based upon religious beliefs and mythology. The early Greek Olympics were religious ceremonies. What has been handed down in the form of the modern day Olympic Games is much like a great liturgical event, particularly the opening and closing ceremonies in which “masters of ceremonies, celebrants, acolytes, and ecstatic public” honour the ‘god’ of sport (Cipriani, 2012, p. 147).

Youth and Church in the Age of Experience

There is a strong focus on experience in many Australian churches. Much of the emphasis in youth worship is on the provision of environments which will generate positive experiences for young people. In educational contexts, youth ministry seeks to help young people to interpret the experiences of daily life in terms of the activity of God in their lives. This article explores these experiences and how young people have explained them to us.

Mental Health and Coexisting Physical Health Conditions in Australia

In December 2015, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released the findings of a survey of the mental and co-existing physical health conditions of Australians.

Youth Ministry Roundtables
The Christian Research Association is conducting a series of Roundtables on youth ministry. In January 2016, a Roundtable was held with 26 leaders in youth ministry in Melbourne. In February 2016, we were in Sydney, and in April 2016 we plan to go to Adelaide. These Roundtables have discussed the  results of the CRA’s research into youth ministry in local churches. Some of the issues are discussed in this issue of Pointers.
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