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Immigration and Its Continuing Impact on Religion in Australia
While the Australian government has cracked down heavily on people arriving in Australia without visas by boat, it has continued to allow in many migrants who arrive in other ways. The 2016 Census recorded 2,309,756 people who had arrived in Australia in the ten years between 2006 and 2016 and who remained in Australia at the time of the Census: an average of about 231,000 people per year. Immigration has contributed greatly to the increase in Australia’s population. Over that ten year period, the total population increased by 3.5 million. Immigration accounted for 65 per cent of that growth.

Census data for Church Life and Mission
One of the strengths of the Christian Research Association for many years has been its unique role in compiling, analysing, understanding and disseminating Census data for local churches, denominational leaders, and other church or Christian organisations to assist them in supporting church life and mission.

A Few Facts about the Fastest Growing Immigrant Group
The growth of the Indian diaspora in Australia over the past ten years has been phenomenal. Between 2006 and 2016, the number of Indians in Australia has grown from 147,106 to 455,389 according to the population censuses, a growth of 210 per cent.

Church Growth amidst Decline in Scotland
Peter Brierley, the former director of the Christian Research Association in the UK, has recently completed a census of the churches in Scotland. He has written up the results in a Growth Amidst Decline: What the 2016 Scottish Church Census Reveals. The patterns were similar to those occurring in Australia: evidence that what is happening in both countries reflects larger trends in Western cultures.

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