Pointers Vol.20-3 For Downloading

Pointers Vol.20-3 (September 2010)

Articles Include :

  • 25th Anniversary Dinner Speech - 2 September 2010  Speech by Rev Dr Bruce Kaye
  • CRA: Chair's Report 2010 - Rob Steed, chair of the board of the Christian Research Association at the 25th Anniversary
  • CRA: Staff Report 2010 - Philip Hughes, Senior Research Officer of the Christian Research Association speaking at the 25th Anniversary Dinner
  • Shaping Australia's Spirituality: the Conference - Between 31st August and 3rd September 2010, 140 people met in Glen Waverley, Victoria, to review the ministries of the churches in the contemporary context. Thirty-five people were involved in  presenting research, and leading plenary and small group  discussion on the various aspects of Australia's ministry. Each of the four days examined a separate topic. The first day looked at the national picture of Australia's spirituality and the ways in which the churches have a national impact. The second day focussed on children and young people, examining the churches' ministries through church activities, schools and chaplaincies. The third day examined the scene in relation to family, workplace, community and health. The fourth day focussed on the spirituality of the churches. The following is a brief summary of some of the major themes in the discussion, arranged in terms of reflections on context and on ministry.
  • How We Make Sense of Life Does Matter - Spirit Matters, by Peter Kaldor, Philip Hughes and Alan Black,was launched at the “Shaping Australia’s Spirituality” conference in Melbourne on 31 August 2010. Subtitled How Making Sense of Life Affects Wellbeing, it presents an in-depth analysis of national surveys undertaken in Australia on wellbeing, religion, spirituality and how we make sense of life. The book argues that there are significant links between how we make sense of life and our personal and societal wellbeing.
  • Third Edition of Australia's Religious Communities Launched - The Third Edition of the Australia’s Religious
    Communities CD-Rom (ISBN 978-1-87522369-5) was launched on at the CRA 25th anniversary dinner by Dr Trevor Batrouney, a researcher at the now defunct Bureau of Immigration, Multicultural and Population Research which originally commissioned the CRA to produce a series of 12 books on the major religions of Australia. The third edition has been fully revised. All statistics have been up-dated, using the latest Census and survey data. All the text has also been reviewed and
    up-dating has occurred throughout this encyclopedia of religion in Australia.

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