Religion And Youth: World Perspectives

‘Religion and Youth: World Perspectives’ explores how young people around the world relate to religious faith. It draws on the International Social Survey Program (2008-2009) which provides data on religion from about 40 countries.

It also considers the materials in two books on youth and religion. The first is a collection of essays edited by Sylvia Collins-Mayo and Pink Dandelion entitled Religion and Youth. The second book is edited by Giuseppe Giordan, Youth and Religion.

While most of the data and most of the articles point to decline in interest in religion among young people, there are some major exceptions. One is china where the interest in religion is growing rapidly. There are also several essays which deal with immigrant young people re-negotiating their religious identities. Some essays explore the minority groups of highly committed religious young people.

The article explores some of the factors which contribute to religious interest: the impact of parents and the place of religious youth groups. For more information see Pointers Vol.21, no. 3.