Spiritual Capital: An Important Asset Of Workplace And Community?

‘Spiritual capital’ is reflected in what a community or organisation exists for, aspires to and for what it takes responsibility. If an organisation operates out of values of service and is focussed on the wellbeing of people, it can be said to have high levels of spiritual capital.

Some researchers have noted a reticence towards using spiritual concepts within the public nature of the workplace: research has shown that more than half of all Australians do not consider themselves as ‘spiritual persons’. Further, it has been argued that the notion of ‘spirituality’ is primarily an individualistic notion and could be used to divert attention away from unjust social structures and from unjust aspects of capitalism itself.

However, others argue that the term ‘spiritual capital’ has the capacity to present an alternative focus for businesses and the community.

This paper by Philip Hughes reviews the literature on ‘spiritual capital’. It asks: what is ‘spiritual capital’? and explores spirituality in the workplace.

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