Theological Journals Published In Australia

This is an archived article from January 2003. The details may no longer accurate. Please check with the publishers for more information.
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The following alphabetical list provides a guide to theological journals published in Australia. Interested readers may be able to examine copies of these publications at a local theological library, or could contact the relevant publisher for a sample copy (Note: some may provide a free sample copy, others will charge a pro rata amount). All subscription costs indicated are for Australian mailed individual subscriptions. For details of Institutional subscriptions please contact the relevant journal.

* Australian Biblical Review (ISSN 0045-0308)
Published by the Fellowship for Biblical Studies,
c/- Joint Theological Library, Ormond College, Parkville Victoria 3052
Articles on biblical studies, including extensive book reviews.
Frequency: Annually in November.
Cost: $10.00

* Australasian Catholic Record (ISSN 0727-3215)
A long-standing academic journal published by an editorial board comprised of Catholic theologians. Articles are usually related to issues and concerns of the Catholic Church and are often grouped around a theme, for example recent theme issues – Health Care, Eastern Catholicism, Literature.
Subscriptions contact: The Manager, 99 Albert Road, Strathfield NSW 2135
Tel: (02) 9798-6657
Frequency: Published in January, April, July and October.
Cost: $35.00

* Colloquium (ISSN 0588-3237)
Published by The Australian and New Zealand Society for Theological Studies, Colloquium covers a wide range of theological concerns, including the publication of selected papers from the annual ANZSTS/ANZATS conference.
Subscriptions contact: The Business Manager, PO Box 63, Everton Park Qld 4053. Tel/Fax: (07) 3354-1761
Frequency: May and November
Cost: $30.00

* Compass A Review of Topical Theology (ISSN 1036-9686)
A publication of the Australian Province of the Catholic Order the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, Compass includes articles on contemporary theological matters, including reflection on culture and society, especially films. Also includes Book Notes by Kevin Mark.
Subscriptions contact: Chevalier Press, PO Box 13, Kensington NSW 2033.
Tel: (02) 96627894; Fax: (02) 9662-1910
Frequency: Quarterly
Cost: $25.00 (four issues)

* Interchange (ISSN 0047-0430)
An irregular publication from the Graduates Fellowship of the A.F.E.S. Articles on biblical matters and current issues from an evangelical perspective.
Subscriptions contact: c/- 16 Mill Hill Road, Bondi Junction NSW 2022.

* Lutheran Theological Journal
Published by the Faculty of Luther Seminary, including faculty papers and research, particularly on biblical matters.
Subscription contact: OpenBook Publishers, GPO Box 1368, Adelaide S.A. 5001
Frequency: 3 per year
Cost: $20.00

* Ministry. Journal for continuing education
Ministry is aimed at persons engaged in ministry within the Uniting Church in Australia and all people interested in continuing education in ministry. A4 format.
Subscriptions contact: Ministry journal, c/- School of Continuing Education, 16 Masons Drive, Nth Parramatta NSW 2151.
Frequency: Quarterly
Cost: $25.00 (four issues)

* Ministry (ISSN 0026-5314)
International  Journal for Pastors of the Seventh-day Adventist Ministerial Association
An Australian edition is published by the Sd-A publishing house. A4 format.
Further information: PO Box 201, Warburton Victoria 3799

* Pacifica (ISSN 1030-570X)
Journal of the Melbourne College of Divinity. Founded by the Pacifica Theological Association in 1987 to provide an opportunity for theological reflection from an Australasian and West Pacific Basin Perspective. It was adopted by the M.C.D. in 1992.
Subscriptions contact: The Manager, PO Box 271, Brunswick East Victoria 3057
Frequency:three per year (February, June and October)
Cost: $40.00 individuals

* Phronema (ISSN 0819-4920)
Established in 1986, Phronema is a scholarly ‘blind’ peer reviewed journal published by St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Theological College, Sydney. The journal publishes papers by theological scholars and researchers from Australian and abroad on Orthodox and non-Orthodox topics. It also has regular book reviews.
Subscriptions contact: 242 Cleveland Street, Redfern NSW 2016. Website:
Frequency: Twice per year (Autumn and Spring)
Cost:  $50.00

* The Reformed Theological Review
Long running theological journal publishing articles with a reformed emphasis, including Reformed/Evangelical Anglicanism eg., Diocese of Sydney.
Subscriptions contact: The Editors, PO Box 635, Doncaster Victoria 3108
Frequency: 3 per year (March, July and November)
Cost: $15.00

* St Mark’s Review (ISSN 0036-3103)
Published by St Mark’s National Theological Centre, Canberra (Anglican). The review includes articles on contemporary theological issues, with a wide range of subject matters.
Subscriptions contact: PO Box E67, Queen Victoria Terrace, Canberra ACT 2600.
Fax: (06) 273-4067
Frequency: Quarterly
Cost: $25.00 (four issues)

* Tjurunga (ISSN 1031-6582)
Tjurunga is an Australian Benedictine Theological Review published by the Benedictine Union of Australia and New Zealand Communities.
Subscriptions Contact: 24 Murray Road, Croydon Victoria 3136
Frequency: twice yearly

* Trinity Occasional Papers (ISSN 0811-2304)
T.O.P. publishes papers on theology, particularly related to current discussion and new developments in the Uniting Church and its colleges. It is published by the staff of Trinity Theological College, Brisbane.
Subscriptions contact: T. O. P., GPO Box 674, Brisbane Qld 4001
Frequency: twice yearly
Cost: $22.50

* Vox Reformata (ISSN 0728-0912)
This Australasian Journal for Christian Scholarship is an occasional publication of the Faculty of the Reformed Theological College, Reformed Churches of Australia
Subscriptions contact: R.T.C., 55 Maud Street, Geelong 3220. Fax: (052) 22-1263
Frequency: Annual
Cost: $8.50

* Women-Church (ISSN 1030-0139)
Includes articles on a broad range of women’s issues in relation to religion and theology.
Subscriptions contact: GPO Box 2134, Sydney NSW 2001
Frequency: two/year
Cost: $15.00

* Zadok Perspectives (ISSN 0810-9796)
Published by the Zadok Institute for Christianity and Society, Perspectives covers a wide range of material particularly theology and its relation to culture and society. A4 format.
Subscriptions contact: Zadok Institute, 59 Scotchmer Street, North Fitzroy Victoria 3068. Tel/Fax: (03) 9482-6442
Frequency: Quarterly
Cost: $30.00

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