Our History

The 1980’s were a time of great social change.  This was reflected in both the broader society and in the Australian Church.  Denominational leaders understood the need to quantify these emerging social trends as a strong foundation for strategic planning.  It was in response to this that the CRA was formed in 1985.  

In the following decades the CRA undertook a variety of research projects across sociology, religion, faith, spirituality and wellbeing.  CRA researchers engaged with denominations, local churches, mission organisations, schools, and other not-for-profit organisations.  We did so both individually and in partnership with other researchers.  As such, the CRA developed both an extensive skill-set and an enviable network.  From our research has also come many publications to inform both strategic decision-making and professional best practice.  Indeed, we publish our bulletin Pointers four times per year and oversee the Journal of Contemporary Ministry (JCM).  

From our beginnings in the 1980’s to the present time, society has come full-circle.  Again, society is changing in unexpected and rapid ways.  To meet the challenges of tomorrow we offer the leaders of today the most accurate and up-to-date research and analysis.  In doing so we go beyond simple info-graphics to provide strategic decision-makers with real insight.