Since its foundation in 1985, the CRA has undertaken research in many areas. It has sought to chart the faith of Australians, their values, their beliefs and their sense of community. It has examined the growing plurality of religious expression in Australia, both through the various Christian denominations and through other religions. It has explored the growing sense of spirituality outside institutional forms of religion.

The research articles draw on a range of sources:

  • the research the CRA has done itself through interviews and surveys;
  • the analysis of Census data;
  • the analysis of survey data such as the Australian Survey of Social Attitudes; and
  • the review of the research of others through their published books and articles.

The first place in which the CRA publishes materials is PointersLook at recent editions of  Pointers for the most recent research. We are also continually adding materials here on the various of topics we have examined.